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Meet Lisa,  Ho'oponopono Healer/Jeweller

Lisa and I first met when we use to live out in Muriwai Beach, on Auckland's West Coast, as flatmates. Both involved in creative industries and art practices, we worked from home bouncing creative ideas off each other and as a result, spent a lot of time together.

Lisa is a contemporary Jeweller as well as a Ho'oponopono Healer. You can see and chat to Lisa this weekend at my Open Studio and learn more about Ho'oponopono practice.

We were both involved in the local community in Muriwai and took part in the Muriwai Arts Trail Community Art Exhibition. We also surfed a lot together and need to make more time for that!  Ema xx

What is Ho’oponopono?
Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Practice that promotes forgiveness and reconciliation. The word ‘Ho’oponopono’ means to make right.

This practice was used traditionally to correct imbalances within a Hawaiian family or Ohana. Ohana is the Hawaiian term for family and includes the immediate family, extended family and anyone that has close ties with the Ohana, like a family friend for example.

How does Ho’oponopono work?
Ho’oponopono recognises that we are all one and are an expression of divine love. This oneness mindset reinforces that there is nothing outside of ourselves, there is nothing ‘out there’. Ho’oponopono helps us understand that everything is happening because it is happening inside of us.

When the soul experiences memories replaying as problems, whether they turn up as experiences in our lives or come into our lives through another person, the problem always lies with us. When we realise that we are solely responsible for everything that is happening in our lives it empowers us to make necessary changes. If we can take responsibility and change ourselves, and our beliefs, the state of the physical world will change around us.

Ho’oponopono is a tool that we can use anytime we find ourselves in conflict and tempted to blame someone or something else for how we are feeling. Ho’oponopono can be used to integrate these feelings and help us respond to the situation in a more loving way.

We can also use this technique to heal our relationships, this includes our relationship with ourselves, our physical body and our past. Using Ho'oponopono can be particularly helpful for those of us who have a tendency to get stuck in guilt or negative thoughts, we can use it to help us realise that we are enough and to love and accept ourselves.

Ho’oponopono provides us with a means to return to wholeness. Through alignment, it creates a state of ‘rightness' with oneself, our family, our friends, our community and with God.

Who would benefit from Ho’oponopono?
Everyone and everything benefits from Ho’oponopono because it is based on the belief that we are all connected to one another and that everything in the universe is connected.  

As we use Ho’oponopono in our own lives and experience positive changes, we can see the effect these changes have on everything and everyone around us.

How did you get into this practice?
When I was on holiday in Bali I stumbled upon a course that offered new ways of approaching spiritual practice and prayer. One of these practices was Ho’oponopono. I knew straight away that I had found what I had been looking for. Ho’oponopono resonated so strongly with me, I was truly taken by the power and simplicity of this ancient Hawaiian Spiritual Practice.

As I practised Ho'oponopono I felt massive shifts in my perception. The unveiling of deep truths in my life changed my reality. I realised that this beautiful ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice was not only deeply purifying but also deeply fulfilling. This realisation started me on a journey to discover more about the power of Ho'oponopono.

I have since completed two courses on Ho’oponopono, becoming a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner and Certified Advanced Ho’oponopono Practitioner. I want to share the healing power of Ho’oponopono with others so they can experience transformation in their lives, as I have in mine.

I intend to learn and discover more about this cultural treasure from Hawaii and the amazing ancient wisdom of the practice of Ho’oponopono. I strongly believe Ho’oponopono is the key, it is a powerful way to heal the past and using it helps us to create a better future.

What services do you offer as a Ho’oponopono Practioner?

As a Natural Energy Healer, I use Ho’oponopono within my energy healing practice.

The session takes place in a safe and relaxed therapeutic environment. After an initial discussion about you and your healing requirements, I work with your energy field in and around your physical body to identify where there are blocks or where there is stuck-ness in your energy centres.

Using Ho’oponopono to clear these blockages consciously. Following treatment there can be a feeling of heightened awareness, relief, lightness and increased vitality.

For your life to work well, it is vital to have clear, vibrant energy in your home and workplace. Ho’oponopono space clearing works by liberating old, unproductive energy that may be stored within your home or workspace. Revitalising these stagnant energies and restoring the space back to peace.

When we liberate old, unproductive energy from a space, it makes room for new vibrations to circulate, increasing the well-being of those who inhabit that space.

The same is true for letting go of anything that does not add value to our lives. Decluttering is proven to reduce stress, when we declutter it frees up space not only in our homes but also in our lives. It is a great way to clear confusion and bring simplicity into our everyday existence.

The decluttering process teaches us a lot about ourselves, decluttering can be a place of deep spiritual growth and reflects an inward journey. Identifying what’s essential, and simply letting go of the rest. Decluttering forces us to ask ourselves: “What is important to me in my life?”
When you establish what is important to you and start to live in alignment with those priorities, you can live life according to your values, living consciously and with intention. You can also start to let go of everything that does not serve those priorities.

Ho’oponopono makes it much easier to let go of that which does not serve our highest self, our family, our dreams and goals and the highest good for all.


Energy Healer / Certified advanced ho’oponopono practitioner
021 447 854
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