Joi Tea x Frost Infusion


I'm so excited about this little collab. My friend at Joi Tea has put together a very special Tea blend as special Mother's Day treat. This Limited Edition set come with a super cute Dinkie Infuser & 12gm Tea Tin. (Makes approx 12 Cups)

The blend has beautiful aromas of Rose, chamomile, hibiscus, elderflower, liquorice and lavender :)

This herbal tea blend contains certified organic herbs with a sweet and rich, aromatic flavor. These herbs are also therapeutic, helping to promote relaxation, sense of calmness, healthy immune and gastrointestinal function, as well as supporting your energy levels, mood, and hormonal balance.

Sip your cares away & enjoy this magical Frosty Treat! The perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Each Set Comes With:

  • Dinkie Infuser (Colours vary, you'll get a Dinkie Surprise!)
  • 12gm Tea Tin

Joi Tea was developed by Kohei Iguchi, a Japanese Naturopath and Medical Herbalist, who is passionate about uplifting the health and wellbeing of the community. They believe that medicinal teas are one of the most simple, effective and enJOI-able ways to improve your health!