Ema Frost - Artist, Illustrator & Ceramic Designer

Ema Frost is a New Zealand based graphic artist, illustrator, and ceramic designer.

Ema Frost burst onto the Auckland art scene in 2010 and has been captivating her fans with her unique style ever since. Her bright colours to give life to beautiful images, the inspiration of which comes from Ema’s fascination and deep respect for the mystery and magic found in Maori and Japanese folklore. The often delicate and always delightful characters she creates are the perfect marriage of these mythical cultures. Part of the charm of her work is in the little idiosyncrasies that can be found only upon closer inspection of her images. Look carefully and you’ll see little characters peeking out from unsuspecting places and the omniscient Tiki watermark that protects all life in the world of her imagination.

Not one to stand still, Ema regularly travels extensively, finding inspiration off the beaten path. Like the characters that are hidden in her work, Ema tests the boundaries of her imagination when she loses herself in the unfamiliar land and cityscapes that are beyond our shores. The tales and trinkets she brings back from her travels are her constant reminders that there is more out there than our everyday existence. Ema also leaves a touch of Frost behind in every country she visits, her work can be found in galleries in Japan, India, Germany and across North America. This allows for Ema to collaborate with artists from around the world.

While Ema enjoys travelling and experiencing other cultures, she’s also extremely passionate about giving back to her own community and supports various charities that are close to her heart. Ronald McDonald House, Breast Cancer Cure, KidsCanNZ are just a handful of charities that she supports through donating her work to auctions and fundraisers.

If you’d like to collaborate with Ema, email your idea/proposal to ema@emafrost.com