An 8 Day Adventure in Japan!

An 8 Day Adventure in Japan!

The Tokyo International Art Fair was amazing, I got to showcase my work there for the first time this year in May, which was really well received with plenty of buyers on the day and I've had a lot of inquiries and orders since.

I had a great time in Japan, and with the Tokyo International Art Fair but I was also able to sneak in a few super fun workshops! I've put all the details below as I know there were a few of you that would like to also do these when you next go to Japan!

I'm planning to go back up there soon to exhibit again with a Japanese artist, which will be amazing - Japan is my home away from home.



Lantern Making

Ok, this was fun and not too full on - as the lantern master maker had prepped most of the pieces for us, the only problem was no one speaks English! I definitely recommend for you to go with someone that can translate for you - I am trying to get them to have a translator at least once a week - as this is difficult if you do not know anyone there.
Address : 2-6-6 Komagata Taito-ward
Tokyo, Japan.
There is also a stamp making place not far from there.

Fake Food making

Used in the front window of restaurants to entice the customer and to show what meals are on offer. This is a huge industry over in Japan - you will see pretty much every restaurant with these fake food dishes that are on offer (which makes it great if you can't understand each other as you can just point to the dish you are after)
My Japanese/Kiwi friend was telling me this is fake food, and I thought, no it can't be it looks so real - surely it's just food with resin poured over it as the colours and every detail are just perfect! and I still didn't believe him till I saw it for myself - it's like magic!! (watch this clip -  Fake Food Making this is how they use to make it with wax, but they now make it with different types of plastic for it's durability)
Yamato Sample Workshop
Address:170-0012 Tōkyō-to, Toshima-ku, Kamiikebukuro
Use this website below to book, as their main website is all in Japanese: (Japanese Only)

Ink Stand

Again you need to make a reservation for this - I managed to book this just a few days beforehand, but in Japan they are limited with numbers and times so do be sure to book.
So you get to make your own colour here, you are given a colour graph and you keep adding or mixing your ink drops until you get the desired colour you are after. It has a real science lab feel - but a really cool one. Then it takes about 30-1 hour for them to mix this up for you, so you can just take a walk around. There is a nice Choc factory around corner, (you can also book tours here too or just have a coffee/hot choc) some cool design stores are also in this area.
Pro Tip: Remember to buy an ink pen there, that you can use with your custom made ink - as you'll do the mistake I did, and still need to buy one!!
4-20-12 Kuramae‚ Taito‚ Tokyo‚ Japan  (scroll down to no. 4 Ink Stand)

Stamp in each station - I love this!!

You can go around and collect each stations stamp!! I love this, either have a book on hand or some nice paper - which you can frame some when you get home!


If you have any questions feel free to get in touch :) :)

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