I'm so excited to present the first stage of this new release, a collaboration with one of my fav artists Okedoki (Canada) and myself, Ema Frost (New Zealand)

This project has been a long time in the making - and it actually all started with Instagram and India! The small world we live in these days - amazing! Anything is possible.

I wanted to show the serenity and simplicity of Ema's work and her connection with spirit animals. - Okedoki

To see my work come to life in 3D was an amazing experience, we worked through multiple designs (and re-designs) to ensure we came up with the perfect outcome - and both of us learned a whole lot through the process! 

Check out our prototype below!

Holi's Treasure Bubble

In this charming scene, Holi the water spirit is accompanied by her spirit guide Koki the kingfisher. Together they await your discovery of the secret treasure.

Functional art piece - designer art toy,  Inspired by trip to India and Udaipur The City of Lakes.

There will me more details to come as we move into production with the amazing American Toy Maker, Dave Bondi.

We will be producing a very limited collection of these, so if you'd like to put your name on our waitlist CLICK HERE and email me your details you'll be first to know before it's publicly released.

These will be available later in the year so stay tuned for updates!

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