Holi's New Owner!

Holi's New Owner!

Holi's new owner Jay Jay from the Edge!! Adding to her Frost collection, she already has a Dinkie (bunny) and a couple of other pieces of Frost.

I love this one - this was inspired by one of my many trips to India - as part of The Painted Peacock Project 20% of all works sold goes to KidsCan here in NZ and also back to Badi Primary School who we worked with in India


A bit about my inspiration behind this piece
When I was in Udaipur and traveling around other parts of Rajasthan I noticed and LOVED the prominent colours of many buildings in India which were this beautiful mixture of washed pastel colours that inspired me to create this piece. Combined with reading a local contemporary Indian short story which was about traversing continents and orbits, in rich and frequently surprising ways. This is shown in the atmosphere where you see Holi floating. Like all my characters you’ll see hummingbirds reflected in her eyes and Holi also has a kingfisher hidden in her hair. The hologram clusters which orbit around Holi’s head have been created by the hummingbirds to watch over her. I have hand embellished this piece with glow in the dark paint which magically lights up at night.

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