Frame Works Walkable Trail // 22-30 April, Auckland NZ

Frame Works Walkable Trail // 22-30 April, Auckland NZ

So I've been working on this charity piece to raise funds and awareness for the Asylum Seekers  Support Trust that will be displayed on an indoor walkable trail in Auckland of about 90 artists as part of Frameworks. The trust provides safety, support, and advocacy for all people who are driven to seek asylum in New Zealand, for any reason. For more info see their website:

You can download the STQRY app from the App Store and find the Frame Works Story to join in the fun and see all these amazing pieces of work on display from 22nd-30th April.

Mine is on display at the beautiful Old Fort in Chancery Square. And if you'd like to support and own this piece - let the bidding begin :) xx Head over to the Live Auction now!

Now this is totally different to what I was originally working on as I had a bit of a mishap with the varnish (when the piece was due two days after me applying this) so I quickly went into plan B mode - and thank goodness got hold of another frame and started from scratch working right through Easter weekend to complete, I love sometimes when accidents like this happen, as often you end up learning new skills, ideas and therefore better and newer things come from this and I'm really loving this piece bringing in the natural wood.
About Holi and this piece....


 Heart of Holi

This piece, created for Frame Works, represents Ema's strong belief in supporting those who are disadvantaged in the wider community.
Ema has travelled many times to India and worked in poor villages helping disadvantaged children. While living in India Ema was very aware of the prominent colours of many buildings painted with this beautiful mixture of washed colours and this inspired Ema to create this piece.

For Ema, Holi represents love, calm, grace, tranquility, patience and understanding. One of the most outstanding features about Holi is her awareness of the environment. Holi is at home in the three elements of water, earth and air and this speaks of her diversity.
The heart that Holi floats in shows that she opens her heart to all and welcomes all those that are disadvantaged into our greater community so they can experience a new life after years of fear and anxiety.
This is a giclee fine art print hand finished/embellished with 18 kt Gold Leaf and Glow in the Dark Paint (the bubbles in the background light up at night)

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