Sound Bath by FROST

NEW Workshop for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Sound Bath by FROST

For a unique experience, sign up for an Ema Frost Sound Bath Workshop. Designed for wellness of the body and mind, this new experience will refresh and revitalise your spirit.

Ema has been in the wellness and fitness industry for 20 plus years. Her love of art and health have been her passions. She has competed in several Fitness competitions over the years and understands the value and importance for having a healthy mind and body. Ema is very excited to now be offering Sound Bath sessions. She is also trained in Colour and Kinesiology which she will touch on in these sessions.


Sound Bath by FROST

Come along to this beautiful, healing & calming Sound Bath by Frost at the magical Bali Garden at Point Wells, Matakana.

Sound Bath Benefits

+ Reduced blood pressure + Increase in immune system function + Enhanced sleep and memory + Mood regulation + Reduced stress and anxiety + Improved circulation and blood flow + Promoted happiness and sense of well-being + Relaxation and pain relief + Increased aura