Washi Sketch Project #1 The Silver Heron & the Southern Cross

ORIGINAL - Only one available

I drew this Heron in my sketch book quite some time ago when travelling through Japan, while visiting a Silver Museum, pieces like these are often thought to have been used for keeping sweets for royal families. (the top half would come off revealing the sweet cavity/compartment)

In this sketch I have added our southern cross and our cute little Kotare/Kingfisher. I absolutely love Kingfishers. They just seem to have such personalities and soul. I have one that often sits on a tree close to my studio. And the little Japanese characters to the right says Ema Frost. - Visually I like the look of Japanese characters as to me it's like a picture/art element that adds more dimension and character to a piece.
  • Japanese Washi Paper
  • 220gsm a mix of Kozo & Cotton.
  • Graphite with gouache paint, gold and silver leaf
  • Approx: 300mm x 440mm (a tad bigger than A3 size)
  • Embossed with Ema Frost stamp