Frost Sketch Project #1 - The Evolution of Dinkie #3


Graphite Sketch on A5 180gsm Acid Free Paper

I'm opening up my sketch book during August to draw inspiration for my upcoming works. I will be creating one new sketch work each day and then I will make the original available for purchase right here at 2.30pm sharp! Yes, you heard right, the ORIGINAL your very own one-off piece of Frost, embossed with the Frost stamp for authenticity. You will have to be quick, as there will only be ONE of each sketch up for grabs each day.

Here is the evolution of Dinkie... first he starts with two small ears, then next one grows then by the third piece he has come to completion. I really love the subtleness of this work, emanating a serene peaceful feel, while also being quietly determined and ambitious.

There's a cute little story that came about with these pieces, which you'll notice each feature a Japanese symbol/character. I stayed with my mum in California before heading off to London on my big OE. Upon arrival in London, with bags packed to the brim I opened up my case and Mum had sneaked in this beautiful necklace that I'd seen prior to leaving the States. The necklace is silver and has the Japanese symbol/character for Ambition stamped in the middle. It was such a nice surprise and I've worn the necklace ever since. I find it inspiring, and it's only fitting that it features on the Evolution of Dinkie series xx