Tattooed Yuki - Pink

Now here is Tattooed Yuki. Ceramic gloss with Frost Illustrations glazed/tattooed on - no laser treatment, these ones are here for good! Each is slightly different as each is handmade.
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Meet, another edition to the Frost Family inspired by my Giant Owl created for The Big Hoot 2018 in support of The Child Cancer Foundation.

I've been working on these for a little while, and now finally these guys are ready for you! Creating ceramics is always a slow process - but we got there!

Join in the fun! I know how much you all love Giant Enchanted Frosty River Owl, but he'd be a little tricky to fit at home for most of you, so I've made these mini guys. 20% of each Owl sold will be going back to the Child Cancer Foundation right here in New Zealand.

Approx: 17cm High

Did you also know that all of the Giant owls are for sale? So if you do have space why not check out the Big Hoot Auction. All proceeds from Owls sold go to The Child Cancer Foundation.  They will be auctioned off on 29th May. If you are interested please email

Check out my blog for more info on The Big Hoot