Washi Sketch Project #4 The Imperial Confectionery Cat Box & the Southern Cross

ORIGINAL - Only one available

So luckily I wrote notes when I was travelling and sketching, as I drew this a while ago now and would have forgotten all the details lol - so this actually was when I was in Japan and visited the Silver Museum that was filled with silver gifts that were given to the Imperial Palace, and this one a are confectionery boxes. (the top half would come off revealing the sweet cavity/compartment)I love how everything was so thoughtfully and beautifully made back in those days, very different from our throw away society today sadly. So lets celebrate with this beautiful worldly piece :)

In this sketch I have added our southern cross and our cute little Kiwi. I absolutely love Kiwis and I wish we could see them more out and about, would be so cute :). And the little Japanese characters to the right says Ema Frost. - Visually I like the look of Japanese characters as to me it's like a picture/art element that adds more dimension and character to a piece.
  • Japanese Washi Paper
  • 220gsm a mix of Kozo & Cotton.
  • Graphite with gouache paint, gold and silver leaf
  • Approx: 300mm x 440mm (a tad bigger than A3 size)
  • Embossed with Ema Frost stamp