A must watch - Herb & Dorothy

A must watch - Herb & Dorothy

A must watch - Herb & Dorothy

So a few weeks back now I met this really nice couple, and they recommended this must watch film that I just have to get out. - When they said the name 'Herb & Dorothy', I did have my doubts, bare in mind this was the recommendations of a much older couple than me, but I thought, hey If I don't check it out then I'd never know. After all we are the judge of our own thoughts. And surprisingly I really enjoyed it. This eccentric couple essentially lived on one income - Dorothy's, and Herb's wages were put aside for purchasing and ultimately befriending the works of unknown artists. It makes me actually want to start collecting art, hmmmm which shall be my first piece.....

I'm not gonna give too much a way, but it is a really inspiring beautiful movie and I think it's one of those movies to keep on the shelf, which does remind me I must put an order in for one.

And I'll leave you with
Drink fresh water and as much water as you can, water flushes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp. - Lululemon

Frost Out :)

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