Frosty's Epic Iced Coffee - ZERO CALORIES (almost - might as well be)

Frosty's Epic Iced Coffee - ZERO CALORIES (almost - might as well be)

Frosty's Epic Iced Coffee - ZERO CALORIES (almost - might as well be)

I'm always on a constant quest to find/create new and better healthy concoctions.
And after my countless visits to the states, being exposed to such a wide variety of choice and being such a coffee feen, I always bring back a stack load of coffee flavoured beans. I cannot understand why we do not have these options here in NZ, maybe we just haven't cottoned on to it yet, although in saying that, and only very recently (maybe the last couple of years) there is only ONE brand that has three flavours out. So what do I do when I run out of my supply?? that's when my experimenting begins.

I'm not talking about the rubbishy syrup flavours - as who wants that, filled with a million calories, sugar and god knows what else - why even drink the coffee!

So any who, here's how to make a delicious Frosty's Epic Iced Coffee with ZERO CALORIES (except a bit of milk!)
-Pomegranate & Grape flavoured herbal tea (Healtheries) (or any other flavour you prefer)
-6 ice cubes and cold water
-Trim/Fat-free milk
Brew a tasty herbal tea, I make it like a concentrate, put a couple of bags in a little jug with hot water and let cool, pop it in the fridge (let it become cold - I always do extra so I've got it on hand), then make your coffee as usual, normally slightly stronger and not much hot water, a bit of trim/fat-free milk. Then all you need is a large glass, put in the ice cubes, cold water, a dash of the herbal concentrate, coffee and milk and of course a straw, and you're good to go, play around with the quantities to your tastings. It's sooo GOOD.

Now if you're after a bit of a treaty - and have a bit more of a sweet tooth, I add to the above concoction 1-2 heaped tsp of 99% fat-free hot choc, (a good one I use is Jarrah's extreme choc) this is super epic!

Drop me an email and let me know how it went to:

And I leave you with
Visualize your eventual demise. It can have an amazing effect on how you live for the moment. - Lululemon

Frost Out :)

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