Ema Frost: Series Edit #1 Dinkie

Ema Frost: Series Edit #1 Dinkie

Ema Frost: Series Edit #1 Dinkie

The first blog in a series outlining the inspiration and origins of my work. I thought I would start with a spotlight on ceramics. Here's an insight into Dinkie, the Hero, and how he came about.

A little bit about Dinkie...

I created Dinkie way back in 2010 when I was living out at Muriwai Beach, Auckland. Where on earth does the time go? At the time I was living between here and California (which is where my parents were based for a number of years) so I spent time up there while travelling between countries.

Dinkie was actually inspired by the designer toy/vinyl pop culture in California. I thought, how can I make something like this myself? I couldn't make it out of vinyl (as that requires large production and a lot of backing behind it) and so began my journey with clay, as that was something I could use and make on a small scale by myself.

So, that is how Dinkie was born! For the most part Dinkie and my other characters are just from my imagination - a Frosty World that I have created and I see so vividly. It's a place of magic, happiness and joy, and that's what Dinkie is all about.

Dinkie started out with the traditional Frosty colours of Pink, Mint, White and black, and has evolved into a number of styles, from tattooed, to sparkled, to gold dipped, brass, Jewellery, and even mini resin keychains. I've also experimented with different sizes and he features in my artworks. A little guy that can bring you joy, no matter where you wish to display him.

You will also notice that on his backside he has the words Frost+Dinkie stamped. I've kept that as part of him as that was my brand name when I first started out, and serves as a reminder of my beginnings. Me and him against the world! Since then, I've changed my works to be under just my name - Ema Frost.

With everything I create, I just want it to bring happiness and joy to fruition for you and I to enjoy :) :)

Life is all about appreciating the little things and doing things you enjoy and speak to your heart and soul that make YOU happy. And I am truly grateful and lucky to do what I love and share this with you all!

Fun Fact: If you stay at the QT Hotel in Wellington, you'll find a little Dinkie in your room!




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