Custom Events By FROST

Custom Events By FROST

Custom Events By FROST

A Beautiful Bachelorette/Hens Party

Emma and her Fiancé, who attended one of the Azabu Mission Bay Sip & Paint sessions that I took last year, and thought this would be perfect and something different to do for her Hens Party, so I created a custom sketch/Paint for her.

Drawing inspiration from Emma's wedding plan, and the experience she'd had at Azabu, I created a custom Sketch/Paint session for her and her friends to enjoy as she celebrated her upcoming wedding. 

One of her favourite flowers is the Peony. It was such a good fit as it symbolizes happiness, romance, happy marriage, honour, prosperity, good fortune and wealth! -  It couldn't get more perfect!!

So using colours she loves (and also the colours I love - so that made it easy in that sense) I created a custom painting for Emma. We used pinks, purples and with a touch of gold too. I really enjoyed creating this piece.

On the day, I placed a finished work for inspiration, and each participant gets a light sketch of the artwork. Then, under guided instruction, we paint and enjoy chatting, eating and drinking while we work through the process.

Her venue was absolutely beautiful, and made the whole event feel special from start to finish!

It's such a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone, and there's something beautiful to take home at the end of the day, and to remember the experience by.

If you are interested in creating your own custom event, simply get in touch!

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