Rajesh Soni // Collab

Rajesh Soni // Collab

Rajesh Soni // Collab

This is the first collab Rajesh and I have done together. We met about 8 years ago now on my first visit to India and have become great friends. Rajesh is third generation hand colourist - his grandfather used to paint the black and white photos of the Royal Family.

In this exciting new collab I've taken photos while travelling through India, converted them to a Black & White image, then Rajesh has hand painted them giving the photos an airy magical look and feel. We hope you enjoy!  


More about Rajesh

Rajesh Soni is an artist living in Udaipur, Rajasthan, who has become known primarily for his abilities to hand paint digital photographs. He is the son of artist Lalit Soni, and the grandson of Prabhu Lal Soni, who was once court photographer to the Maharana Sir Bhopal Singh of Mewar. Prabhu Lal Soni (also known as Prabhu Lal Verma) was not only a court photographer, but also a hand-colorist who painted the black-and-white photographs that he produced. The skills of hand-coloring photographs were passed down to Rajesh through the intermediary of his father Lalit.

You can find works in various sizes at his own Gallery called -  Gallery One, where you can see Rajesh working in his studio on new contemporary work and also his traditional hand-painting techniques.


Gallery One
Inside Chandpole 36, Udaipur
+91 9772434480

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