Tanabata Kintsugi Workshops at Masu Restaurant

Tanabata Kintsugi Workshops at Masu Restaurant

Tanabata Kintsugi Workshops at Masu Restaurant

What a great way to celebrate this magical festival!! - Tanabata.!! Paired with fine dining and Kintsugi Magic.

This July and August I've been working with HAKU Vodka and MASU by Nic Watt, hosting a modified version of my Kintsugi Workshops. This kicked off on the 6th July and spanned over 6 weeks, every Wednesday night.


Set in the glorious MASU Obi private dining room, my Kintsugi workshop offered guests an intimate introduction to the practice, connecting the craft of Kintsugi to the craft and care required in creating HAKU Vodka followed by a 6 course Japanese fine dining experience.

My usual Kintsugi Workshops are 2-3 hours long, however this event required a modified version to fit in a one hour time slot. I love being approached with different needs and requirements so with a few changes, the short format Kintsugi came to life! A fabulous experience to be part of.




Tanabata marks the once-yearly meeting of separated lovers Orihime (Vega), the weaver star and patron of silk farming, and Hikoboshi (Altair), the cowherd star and messenger.


On the shores of the Celestial River lived the emperor of the sky, Tentei, whose daughter Orihime spent her days weaving and sewing clothes for the deities. Orihime married a herdsman called Hikoboshi, whose task was to herd the oxen across the Celestial River (Cosmic Ocean).

They quickly fell in love and neglected their celestial duties. This angered Tentei, and he punished the two lovers, forcing them to live on opposite sides of the milky way.

The princess cried desperately, and, moved by his daughter's tears, Tentei allowed them to meet once a year on the 7th July, if they fulfilled their celestial obligations.



During Tanabata, it's tradition to celebrate the lovers by taking strips of colourful paper known as tanzaku, inscribing them with wishes and hanging them on bamboo branches - sending them skywards towards the heavens.

(As you experienced the kintsugi workshop and fine dining you were also given your own 'tanzaku' to hang on the bamboo tree at MASU while the event was happening.)


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